Karie Tieszen

Package Deals

Make a Comittment to Your Health  

AND Save Money!


*New Prices Effective January 2022 

Healthy Start Package  

This package consists of 6 massages within 60 days to help you get started on your health journey, rehabilitate an injury, or release chronic pain/tension before moving on to a maintenance package.  Each session builds on the previous one, so having consistent massages within a short period of time will yield the greatest results and net you the greatest savings. *Please note this is intended as a ONE time starter package - multiple/consecutive healthy start packages not allowed

(6) 1 Hour massages      $375 credit/debit    $345 cash   (Reg. $450)

                               Jan 2022:      $435                        $405          (Reg. $510)

 *Expires 60 days from date of Purchase - NO Exceptions


Maintenance Packages:  

Periodic massages throughout the year keep you healthy and strong!

(5) 1 Hour massages       $350 credit/debit    $325 cash   (Reg. $375)

                             Jan 2022:      $400                         $375         (Reg. $425)

(10) 1 Hour massages     $650 credit/debit      $600 cash   (Reg. $750)

                              Jan 2022:       $750                        $700         (Reg. $850)

*These massage are fully transferable so you can share them with family and friends!

*Expires 1 year from date of Purchase



90 Minute Package:

For those who need a little more focus work on problem areas or maybe just want that relaxation massage to last a bit longer.

(5) 90 minute massages     $450 credit/debit   $400 cash (Reg. $475) 

                          Jan 2022:        $500                      $465          (Reg. $550)

*Expires 1 year from date of purchase


Prenatal Package:

Your body is going through a lot!  Let me help you feel great throughout your pregnancy and even after the baby is born.  Prenatal massage helps relieve hip, back, and leg pain commonly associated with pregnancy and will instill a deep sense of relaxation as the big day draws near.  Then afterwards, we'll rub away those wonderful birthing aches and pains and let dad have some baby time while you get a little TLC :)

(3) Prenatal / (2) Postnatal massages   $375  (Reg. $425)   

*Expires 1 year from date of purchase